Eliott Baylot

What can i do ?

Hi ! I'm Eliott, a full-stack software developer.
I love building business software and work with worldwide companies.
I created custom software solutions for various industries, making me a valuable partner for organizations looking to grow.

Let's work together to boost your business using the latest technology and a global outlook.

Eliott Baylot
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McDonalds logo

McDonald's: Booking Platform for Over 1 200 Restaurants in France

McDonalds software screenshot
VISA logo

Logistics Platform: Ensuring Successful Advertising Campaign Rollouts Across 10 000 Shops

VISA software screenshot
Oreka AI logo

Multi-Provider AI-Driven Reviews Management Systems

Oreka AI software screenshot
Mondelez - Milka logo

Milka Adventure Game: Employee Engagement through Egg Hunts and Riddles

Mondelez - Milka software screenshot
Le Cab Politique logo

Innovative CRM for Local Leader Management and Political Office Activity

Le Cab Politique software screenshot
Cooperative Carbone logo

Advanced Carbon Offset Certification Platform and Corporate Emission Management

Cooperative Carbone software screenshot
Osiris Interpretariat logo

Dynamic Interpreter Booking Platform: Streamlining Coordination and Planning

Osiris Interpretariat software screenshot
JC Decaux logo

Ad Sales Platform for Complex Advertising Billboards and Campaign Management

JC Decaux software screenshot
Le Cab Politique logo

Interactive Civic Collaboration Platform: Helping Cities Understand and Meet Citizen Needs

Le Cab Politique software screenshot
Bsc Grid logo

Crypto Lottery Platform: Engaging and Rewarding Gameplay with Shitcoins.

Bsc Grid software screenshot
Tapage Medias Marseille logo

Agile Guerilla Marketing Solution: Enhancing OOH Ad Logistics and Audience Analytics

Tapage Medias Marseille software screenshot
OOH Insight logo

Advanced XXL OOH Analytics Solution: Data-Driven Decision Making for Ad Campaigns

OOH Insight software screenshot
Ooh my ad logo

Dynamic Ad Logistics Platform: In-depth Billboard Analysis and Campaign Optimization

Ooh my ad software screenshot